The big dogs, the global spanning orgs with the power to bend nations. These groups tend to vary between hundreds to thousands of members, with each all ordering themselves to the central point, with much greater Organizations and Resource to their beck and call, with and the ability to use the supernatural against monsters. HOWEVER this comes with the down side that Conspiracies except greatest loyalty form it’s members, and oftentimes have to pick and choose their battles even wiser, not being able to worry about the little stuff. Also Conspiracies might have goals other than hunting down monsters and protecting people. ALso red tape. DEAR GOD THE RED TAPE...


Either due to Teachings of mystical arts, Advanced occult technologies, inborn magic powers, and so on, Endowments are a used to as a leg up on the supernatural of the world, giving people even more of a fighting chance then before. However not all endowments are created equal, with alot requiring a lot of paperwork, favors and/or resources to acquire and learn. Also if you quit, Conspiracies tend to take what was given to you, so watch your back.


Task Force:Valkyrie



The Regency of Thorns

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